2007 Sahara Shelton CT

Jeep Specs

Year: 2007
Trim: Sahara
Mileage: 102K
Color: Silver

Ad Info

State:  Connecticut
City / Area:  Shelton
Asking Price: $14K
Seller Type: Private Seller
Contact:  2405351553

Ad Content:

Get ready for summer!!! I am selling my 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara for $14,000 because I am trying to downsize the number of vehicles I own.

The vehicle is listed at $16,265 on Kelly Blue Book in “Good Condition”(see link).


The only issue is that there is a “GasCap” light that is on that I have not been able to clear. I am subtracting $1,000 from the price due to the GASCAP light. Also, the vehicle needs street tires. Right now the Jeep has mud tires which are great for snow and off-roading. However, I would not recommend highway driving with these tires as it will cause steering vibration. Since the car needs new tires, I am subtracting another $1,265 so the new owner can purchase new tires. Most serious Jeep owners have two sets of tires anyways. So don’t dispose of the mud tires as they are in good condition.


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2007 Shelton CT

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